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As you look for your connection to the World Forestry Center, take a moment to ask about your personal connection to forests. What benefits do they give you? How do they make you feel? What parts of your life do forests affect?


Forests come in many flavors, each one with a different mix of benefits and a different purpose. Forestry, this work of managing forests, is similarly varied in its practice. Foresters can manage for water, fiber, soil stabilization, biodiversity, age, tree type, beauty, or for a combination of benefits. And because of humanity’s global reach, every forest on the planet is now a managed forest in some way. Even the forests that we leave untouched, people are managing, preserving age class diversity and animal habitat.


As a species, we are global forest stewards.


Our work at the World Forestry Center is to help people connect to this globally important work of managing our world’s forests in a way that provide the benefits we need today and with an eye toward the benefits we will need 3 generations from now. Those benefits include environmental as well as social, economic and spiritual benefits. As you explore the World Forestry Center, consider how you interact with forests and think about the complex challenge of balancing the current interests of humanity with the needs of a healthy planet over the long term. It’s a tough, complicated set of challenges and we need forestry, as a practice and a discipline to be up to the task. Your involvement will make us stronger. Come visit, get connected!


-Eric Vines

Executive Director