A message from Eric Vines, Executive Director

March 2015


Many people have never been in Merlo Hall, the business offices on the World Forestry Center campus in Portland. Traditionally used only to house the Fellows from our World Forest Institute program, as well as our administrative offices, Merlo Hall is now taking on a whole new feel. 


After conversations with several executive directors and heads of other forestry related non-profits we decided to explore the idea of a Forestry Hub, a co-located space where small natural resources focused non-profits could work on issues of global significance. 


So we’ve opened ourselves up to be a convening space, a gathering space, a working space for others who are occupied with these issues.  Not only has our board embraced the idea, they have used it as the launching point as we investigate and establish a whole new vision for the organization, a vision where the World Forestry Center strives to build bridges between conservation, forestry businesses, outdoor education and communities where these activities occur. 


Current Hub Partners include Russ Hoeflich from the Nature Conservancy and Brian Kittler from the Pinchot Institute. We anticipate having at least six additional partners by the end of the year. But starting in April, we’ll be adding International Research Fellows from Nepal, Bolivia, Malaysia, Ghana, and Belgium, all exploring forestry related questions with global consequence.  


We are excited as we build partnerships and bridges across organizations who are working on the challenging issues our communities face.  Please come see what we are up to.